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General Code of Conduct in Saguna Baug

  • Consumption of liquor/alcohol is not allowed, as Saguna Baug is an agro-tourism centre for recreational & educational purpose & we would like to maintain an atmosphere of peace & tranquillity.
  • Smoking cigarettes or Hookah is strictly prohibited in any of the accommodations, at any general public areas or activity zones.
  • Illegal activities including but not limited to carrying/consuming drugs/narcotics and carrying firearms/weapons are prohibited on the property. Management reserves the right to report any such activities to local authorities.
  • No loud music is allowed within Saguna Baug premises without permission.
  • Guests are requested not to pluck any fruits, flowers, vegetables and plants grown in Saguna Baug, unless allowed by the guide to do so.
  • Guests are requested to use the thrash-bins and dustbins so as to keep Saguna Baug clean.
  • Saguna Baug is spread across 50acres of lush greenery, farmlands and forest. There are possibilities of insects, lizards, reptiles, birds etc. to stray in the premises. Guests are requested to understand that we co-exist with nature here and hence, taking precautions and following the instructions will keep you safe.
  • We request our guests to show courtesy towards fellow guests and our service staff. Guests are requested to avoid using foul language, trigger anti-social debates, engage in offensive behaviour or get into physical fights
  • Guests are expected to take care of their belongings. The Management will not be responsible for any loss or damage of belongings not entrusted to them.
  • Parents are advised to pay special attention to their children. Children should be accompanied by adults, especially during adventure or water activities.
  • Guests are requested to observe all Government Rules & Regulations in force from time to time in respect of registration, carrying firearms, weapons, etc.

Health & Medical Disclaimer

  • Guests are requested to wear Life Jackets in and around water / ponds / river. Guests will not be allowed to engage in any water activities without wearing proper
  • life jackets as recommended by the respective instructors.
  • Pregnant Women, heart patients, persons with high blood pressure or similar medical status or medical history are advised to avoid adventure activities without
  • proper expert and medical consultation.
  • Guests who are allergic to any specific ingredients in food are requested to inform the management well in advance so that we can customise the meals
  • accordingly.

Food & Meals

Saguna Baug offers home-made veg meals included in all the packages.
The guests can order non-vegetarian meals, like chicken. Mutton, seafood, sweet- water fish, eggs, crabs etc. at additional cost, based on pre-order basis.
Guests are requested to disclose any kind of food allergy, pertaining to any kind of ingredients, so that we can avoid a potential medical situation.
Eggs in breakfast can be ordered on additional cost directly payable at the counter.
We serve Maharashtrian cuisine based on fixed menu spread basis. We shall not be able to serve any kind of Chinese, Continental, Punjabi or any other types of
meal in Saguna Baug.
Guests are requested to consume their breakfasts / non-alcoholic beverages / meals in or before the common buffet time ends. Once the spread is taken off the
table, the exclusive meals will be charged extra.

Pet Policies in Saguna Baug

  • Saguna Baug is a pet-friendly agro-tourism farm wherein we warmly welcome all sorts of pet and domesticated animals.
  • However, if your pet has any kind of social behavioural issues like public aggression, biting history, jumping on strangers or excessive barking pattern, we
  • request you to keep your pets on leash.
  • For larger dog breeds, we recommend to carry strong muzzles as we already have 200+ farm animals at Saguna & we would not want to create a chaos.
  • Dog / Cat meals, like pellets, chicken rice, fish rice, eggs, curd can be arranged on pre-order basis on additional cost & direct payment basis.
  • In case of excessive nuisance, dirt or shedding in the rooms / beds, we might charge an additional cleaning expense upto ₹500 per room per night.
  • Though we have most of the pet-care systems & protocols in place, Saguna Baug will not be responsible for any accident, loss or mishap, directly or indirectly, that occurs to / due to your pet’s activities.

Management Disclaimers

  • Saguna Baug management reserves all the rights to cancel any booking and/or expel any guests from Saguna Baug premises based on misbehavioural grounds,
  • offensive activities, illegal activities, consumption of alcohol/drugs or any kind of violation of above mentioned rule.
  • Saguna Baug management reserves all the rights to alter of shuffle your bookings with prior intimation, in case of any natural calamities like flood, storm or similar
  • geographical or political situations.

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