Agriculture:Farm Fresh vegetable
Various plants, Fruits and vegetables are made available to our guests
Just before leaving farm.
Our Agricultural products





We have 3 types of carps,
1. Rohu (Labia)
2. Carla
3. Cyprenus (Chinese carp)Tilapia

Our Special fish from river Nile is Tilapia, which is Popular among all our guests and is sold like a hot cake. Preparing this Fish is our specialty.

We also have Sea Bass, which is one of the less available, expensive and precious amongst all fish types.

Fresh water giant prawns are so big from our pond that they give competition To lobsters and tiger prawns, they are also less in number and are provided Only if order is placed well in advance.PrawnChinese carp

Agro forestry:
Chair 1
2. chair 2
3. Stool 1,2
4. Chair 3-bamboo vir.
Agro forestry chair
Dairy is our small department so most of the products get consumed on the farm itself but can be on sale in small quantities.
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