Saguna baug is a 55-acre farm with various agricultural activities such as agro forestry, dairy, aquaculture, agro tourism, horticulture, traditional and non-traditional farming. Farm is located at Neral-Malegoan which is equal distance front Pune and Mumbai(Apxox. 100 KM).Many people visit Saguna baug for various reasons such as many farmers visit to get information on agricultural activities Urban people visit for information on farm house development as well as for unique leasurelearning experience in Agrotourism.Arotourism is "a leisure learning and entertaining activity organized by the farmer in the rural area where farming is a major permanent activity" according to Mr CH Bhadsavle

Mr. Chanrdashekhar H BhadsavleMr. Chanrdashekhar H Bhadsavle is the person who is largely responsible for the success story of Saguna baug. His father Mr. Hari Bhadsavle was a Gandhian freedom fighter who left his house at the age of 16 to fight British; he then joined Hutatma Bahi Kotwal's group. His contribution consists of creating awareness amongst rural folks about independence and harass british-raj . Thus he always stayed in mountains and never had a time and chance to look after a the ancestral land. Most of this land was given away by Hari kaka in Bhudan Movement of Vinoba Bahve to people who didn't have any land. Current Saguna baug also contains some of ancestral land but most of it is bought slowly after 1965.Ater independence Hari kaka worked for adivasies and was Founder chairman of Kotalwadi Trust till his passing away in June 2003.

Mr. Bhadsavle is a B.Sc. (Agriculture) from Dapoli who did his Masters in Food Science and Technology from University of California , USA and then on call of his farther he came back in 1976 to India for good. Despite all the usual problems in India , he then took complete interest in farming and with the help of his family members and team of workers he guided Saguna Baug to its current position. His Wife Mrs. Anuradha Bhadsavle proved to be a biggest support for Mr. CH Bhadsavle for taking Saguna baug to its current position; she is currently working as lecturer of biology at Karjat.

Next generation is also taking good interest in all activities of Saguna baug. Currently Saguna baug has about 35 permanent employees and few on temporary basis all employees are local and from farming baground. Two students are also resident at Saguna baug for volunteer work experience.

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