Saguna Baug is a dream becoming reality, dream of a Gandhian freedom fighter, popularly known as Harikaka Bhadsavle, being developed by his son. The dream envisage in late 60’s was to set up a strong farming outfit, which will effectively support the family of this social worker and thus will set an example for those who are running away from farming profession. The son, Shekhar, returned in 1976 from U.S.A. to follow up the goal.

After toiling for first few years, Saguna Baug stands on a very strong footing with its almost 55 % objectives well within reach. Now hundreds of folk’s visit Saguna Baug to find happiness and take away knowledge from hard-earned experience in the field of Agriculture.

After the freedom, Harikaka gave away most of the ancestral land to the peasants as “Bhudan”. Now the family owns about 16 hectors of land, here at Malegaon- Neral of Raigad District. Most of this land is purchased in sixties to make a nice chunk of land ideal for agricultural operations. The family strongly believes that this is a public property bestowed upon us for noble cause. After twenty years of treacherous and persistent efforts this beautiful yet incomplete agricultural project is wide-open for all to know more about our experience to participate in our activities and to give suggestions for further improvements. We know that we have come a long way but we have far to go.

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